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Service Questions

Q1: Where can I go to find information on a specific instrument that I cannot find on this site?

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A1: If you are having difficulties in finding any information, please feel free to contact us.

Q2: How long will it take for me to receive the equipment? (Delivery time)

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A2: While delivery times vary according to the specifics of the order, we can guarantee that we will see your order through in the most expendient way.

Q3: What are the standard payment terms?

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A3:Payment terms at Alliance Analytical, Inc. are generally "50% deposit and 50% upon delivery." Other terms are available upon request.

Q4: I have equipment to sell. Who should I contact?

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A4: If you have equipment that you are interested in selling, please contact one of our salesmen. We would be more than happy to help you get cash or instrumentation from your old equipment.

Q5: I have purchased instrumentation from Alliance Analytical, Inc. and have questions regarding it's functions, performance, or instructions. What should I do?

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A5: If you have any questions regarding instrumentation you have previously purchased from Alliance Analytical, Inc., please contact any of our salesmen.

Q6: Do you have guarantees or warranty on your equipment?

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A6: Yes. Warranties are available on the majority of products we sell. Warranty periods for different products vary, so please check individual products for more warranty details.

Q7:What are your most commonly sold products?

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A7: Our most frequently sold products are GCs, HPLCs, Mass Spectrometers, and ICPs, although we handle and sell many types of lab equipment.

Q8: Can you locate equipment for me that is not listed on your website?

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A8: We are excellent at finding the products you need. We constantly have sales representatives that scour the market to find the equipment that will fulfill your requirements.