Author: Vera Carroll

SEO Services – What They are and Why Your Business Needs Them

SEO Services is putting your business at the top of Google search results. Since Google is the website where everyone goes when they need something, there is no doubt you need this.

In fact, most people have Google as their homepage. These days, companies from different industries avail of SEO services. Yes, even companies from industries you don’t expect. It is the most effective and affordable marketing strategy.

Thus, you’re going to get left behind if you don’t hire companies that provide those services. They use a number of excellent strategies to get your website to the top of Google rankings. It is no secret those who search on Google focus mainly on the results that pop up on the first page.

They rarely make it to the second and third page so it is important to get to the top of the results. Of course, you will need to provide them the keywords that match what your business is all about.

SEO Services is a continuous service. It is not a one-time thing where you will say goodbye to them after they serviced you once. You will sign an agreement with them detailing the services they will do for you. One way they will increase your visibility on Google is to write articles that are related to your brand.

These articles will have a backlink to your website. It is expected that these articles are written carefully by good writers. The beauty of these articles is that they can easily be shared through social media. Once someone sees how interesting they are, one click and it is already shared on his or her Facebook account.

When that happens, more people will find out about your brand. It won’t be long before word spreads about your brand which is the purpose of marketing. It is to get the word out about your brand. Once consumers see you have a high Google ranking, they will think highly of your business. Yes, your brand’s reputation will skyrocket.

Companies that offer SEO services give you a report about how well your website traffic has improved. It won’t be long before you conclude that this strategy is very effective. No matter how effective it is, you won’t spend much for it compared to other marketing strategies like advertising and hiring brand ambassadors.

The effects will be long-term too compared to paying an influencer to post on his or her Instagram account. When that person posts, a lot of people will like it and it will be old news after a few days. On the other hand, SEO strategists always check if everything is going well for your website’s ranking.

When they find out something is not right, they will immediately get down to the bottom of it. There is no doubt your business will do well once you’ve availed of SEO services. You will get website traffic even when you’re asleep. Yes, it is the beauty of being ranked high in Google search results.…

10 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

Looking for advanced techniques that would help you to increase your traffic double it?

There are many people who are looking for great techniques that will make the traffic increase manifold period.

When search happens for your site, traffic starts coming to your site as per Hubspot’s research. People reach your site because they think something is true is there on the website. It is because of this reason that there is your site whenever there is a query for them.

While traffic keeps on coming to your website, you need to optimise your site for conversion with well-defined lead capture form, extended product page and sales page.

It is only when you the post content that is well-researched that you be able to sell the product or service.

We’ll discuss here ten advanced SEO techniques that will double your traffic to your website for sure.

1. Perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website

SEO audit involves testing the overall website performance. You need to set goals that are likely to bring traffic as well as help conversion by adopting new ways to reach the goal.

SEO audit may not look like an advanced strategy but its effect will be manifold. If you are not doing it, it is a mistake; so if you should avoid it.

2. Write content according to the needs of your users

Always focus on what your target audience’s wants – what they want. Write content that attracts them for sure.

When you get feedback from your target customers, you should enter to improve the content and offer better service to your potential customers.

To make the content more effective, you can use social media platforms like Quora.

Research on it and check out what the audience like most then start writing.

3. Create landing pages that are well-SEO optimized

Research shows that about 44% clicks for B2B businesses go to the homepage and not from the landing page. This shows that B2B companies do not give enough importance to landing pages.

A landing page is one online site where traffic is sent to the specific website to bring out a certain action. Make sure your landing page is well optimal SEO optimized it will help generate more amount of traffic.

The land page should be in simple design and should have interactive features so that it will be effective.

4. Use good quality infographics

Infographics enable you to present complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. When you post a text content, along with it you should include infographics.

Research shows that colored infographics help raise the chance of reading the content by 80%.

Infographics can help you present an article in a clear and effective manner.

5. Your content should be Rankbrain optimized

Rankbrain and artificial intelligence software that helps check the quality of search results. Rankbrain is the third most important factor for ranking by Google.

Rankbrain finds how well the content is related to the search keyword.

6. Make your website mobile friendly

One of the most important factor to say whether your website is optimised well is its optimization for mobile devices.

Over 60% of organic searches happen on mobile devices as of today. Therefore it is imperative to optimise your make your website mobile friendly. It should be easy to access the site with a smartphones tabs, etc. and on any platform.

7. Write long form content pieces

Research by Backlinko shows that to rank on the first page in Google search results, your content should have 1,890 words.

The longer the content is, the more the number of shares. The benefit of the long form of content is that it will have more keywords.

Ahrefs studies also show that to show up in Google organic results, the content length should be 1000 words.

8. SEO internal deep linking

Deep linking involves using anchor text from other content pages inside your website’s blog. This will help Google know how deeply the pages of your site or linked and it helps index better.

9. Link with high domain authority

When you get links from websites that have high domain authority, it enables your content to pass through the link juice.

When links come from high domain authority sites, it makes your website reliable and trustworthy.

10. Make Broken links on Wikipedia your own

Check out for broken links on Wikipedia.

Claim them to be your own.

This is an advanced SEO technique.

Following these tips will help your website get traffic on a large scale – gets doubled.…